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Meet the Master

A Denver Colorado Native of over 60 years, I graduated from East High school, class of 1973. The classes of 73-74 had graduates such as Philip Bailey from the group Earth Wind & Fire. We also had Barry Carroll who entered the NBA in the 1977-78 season after playing for the Purdue Boilermakers and was the NBA #1 pick in the draft by the Golden State Warriors.


The following summer of 1974 I started driving a delivery truck for Kwall Paint Store on South Broadway & Alameda.  From time to time painting contractors would ask me if I knew of any painters looking for work; my answer was always, "No." One Friday afternoon I was delivering painting supplies to a painter who was in his late 60's.  He asked me: "How much money are you making driving that delivery truck?" I answered, "$4.30 an hour." He then said if you start working for me I will pay you $8.00 an hour and teach you how to paint (I then gave my 2-week notice at the paint store) and that's how my career as a painter started.


My first day on the job was painting a 200 ft radio tower in the middle of nowhere. Actually back in the 70's that tower was close to Boulder.  Learning from an "Old-Timer" my knowledge advanced very quickly. In the years to come I worked for the top paint companies in the Metro Denver Area non-union & union, companies such as Lundquist Painting, Taylor Painting, Brown Brothers, Denver Housing Authority, and University Hospital.


In the early 1990's my ex-wife, Shelley, persuaded me to start my own business. Since that day A Masters Touch Painting has painted 1,000's of homes in the Metro Denver Area.  Over 80% of my work has been performed in the Broomfield, Westminster, Louisville & Superior area.


A Masters Touch Painting promises to paint your home or business with the highest quality paint job that money can buy! We don't just say, "A professional job, without the professional price" for nothing, we mean it.


I owe it all to that gentleman in his late 60's who gave a young 19-year-old a chance. The "Old-Timer" told me words that I held on to 'till this very day, he said: "Carl if you want to be the best painter you can be, you will never go wrong - if every house you paint, you paint it as if you were painting GOD'S throne."


That "Old-Timer" was known as Alex, and he has been gone now for 22 years. But his words of wisdom still ring in my ears and that is why A Masters Touch Painting is the most recognized painting company in the Northern Colorado area.


All my Thanks to Alex "The Master"

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